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Fuyang Wanxing Instrument Co., Ltd. produces several kinds of products, such as general pressure gauge, seismic pressure gauge, stainless steel pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge, micro-pressure diaphragm pressure gauge and diaphragm box, etc. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry and metallurgy , Machinery, food and other industries, products praised by the majority of customers. Companies adhere to the "integrity of molded credibility, professional create quality" business philosophy, that the customer is a product quality judge.

Of course, PRSGE-Wanxing want to recommend each kind of products to our customers, allowing customers to trouble-free use and production, running less cost and maintenance costs, but Wanxing even have to provide users with pre-sale, sale, sale and other categories, all-round Service, so Wanxing products become users worthy of the product.




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