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How to choose industrial thermometer ?

Amber Song

First of all ,let me introduce the thermometer used in the industry - the bimetal thermometer.

Industrial bimetal thermometer is a measurement,the low temperature field testing industrial instrumentation,direct measurement of gas,liquid and vapor temperatures.This instrument has no harmful mercury,easy to read,durable and so on.

Electrical contacts bimetal thermometer is suitable for low,warm spot detection and automatic control instruments,can directly measure the temperature of the measured medium ,and the temperature change of the measured medium or automatic control signals.

1. Accuracy :1.5

2. Insertion Depth:50-2000mm

3. Temperature Range:-40~600


1. Fixed mounting thread size,according to user needs.

2. Can be provided various types of users with special dedicated bimetallic thermonmeter.

3. 461,462 Adjustable bimetallic thermometer ,observing instrument according to need security header in the range of 90 degrees to adjust the tilt angle.

There is another kind of industrial thermometer, Amber introduced to you-----Gas expansion series.

A pressure type thermometer is a mechanical instrument that uses the pressure of a working medium in a closed volume to change with temperature, and measures the temperature of the working medium to determine the temperature value.

The working medium of the pressure thermometer can be gas, liquid or steam. The spring tube of the pressure thermometer is generally oblate or elliptical. The spring tube is welded to the base at one end, the lumen is connected to the capillary 2, and the other end is sealed free. end. When the temperature changes, the pressure inside the spring tube changes, causing the free end to change.

The free end is connected to the pointer by a tie rod and a gear transmission mechanism, and the corner of the pointer indicates the measured temperature on the dial. Due to the limitation of capillary length, the pressure thermometer generally has a working distance of no more than 60m, and the measured temperature is generally -50~550°C.

It is simple and reliable, has good anti-vibration performance and good explosion-proof performance. It is commonly used in airplanes, automobiles and tractors, and can also be used as temperature control signals. However, the dynamic performance of such a meter is poor, the hysteresis of the indication value is large, and the rapidly changing temperature cannot be measured.

The main technical indicators:

Electric contact thermometer contacts power 10VA.

Note:according to the special requirements can be customized.

In addition to this, you can also choose a digital thermometer.


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