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What`s Vibration-proof pressure gauge?

Amber Song


The shockproof pressure gauge is a mechanical pointer type pressure gauge with a filling liquid in the case, or a mechanical pointer (or rotary dial) type pressure gauge with a filling liquid and a damper in the case, and the pressure guiding system ( Including joints, spring tubes, current limiting screws, etc., gear transmission mechanism, display device (pointer and dial) and outer casing (including case, cover, watch glass, etc.).

The pressure gauge with damping element and irrigation liquid inside the case is the seismic pressure gauge. It is a direct indicating pressure gauge with anti-seismic function. The main feature of the seismic pressure gauge is its good shock resistance. It has excellent applicability to the fluid pressure of transient impact and the pressure measurement of the medium with strong pulsation. 

The viscous damping fluid contains a transmission indicating mechanism, so that the vibration interference generated by the mechanical vibration of the shockproof pressure gauge is greatly weakened.

 The structure of the seismic pressure gauge is fully sealed, so that it can work normally under the harsh environment and conditions such as dust, water and high humidity. The shockproof pressure gauge is characterized by anti-blocking, easy to mud, cement, etc. Solidification and easy crystallization, high viscosity media can be measured. The structure of the seismic pressure gauge includes an indicating mechanism, an elastic member, a damper, and a capsule diaphragm.


Has good shock resistance. It is especially suitable for the measurement of fluid pressure in which the medium has severe pulsation or transient impact. The transmission indicating mechanism is in the viscous damping fluid, which greatly weakens the influence of the mechanical vibration of the environment in which the instrument is located on its operation. It adopts an umbrella sealing structure and can work in harsh environments such as high humidity and dust. It has anti-blocking characteristics and can be used for the measurement of high viscosity, easy crystallization, solidification such as cement, mud and other media.

       Application scenario

The shockproof pressure gauge is suitable for places with severe environmental vibration, and can withstand the pulsation, impact and sudden unloading of the medium, and the instrument indication is stable and clear. It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power and other departments to measure the pressure on copper and copper alloy non-corrosive media.

The meter measures pulsation or static pressure. Used in petroleum geology, drilling, cementing, fracturing equipment, etc. The special anti-corrosion material of the parts in contact with the medium can measure the corrosive fluid pressure such as strong acid and strong alkali.


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