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How to choose a diaphragm pressure gauge?

Amber Song

First of all, we should know what is the work environment of diaphragm pressure gauge.

Diaphragm pressure gauge designed for petroleum,chemical,food and othersectors in the production process measurement corrosive,high viscosity,easy to crystallize,containing solid particles,the higher the temperature of the liquid medium pressure.

The main technical indicators.

Accuracy :universal pressure and quipped with the same instrument.

Measuring range:-0.1~0Mpa to 0~100Mpa series (thread) -0.1~0Mpa to 0~25Mpa series(flange)

Measuring medium temperature range:-40~70℃(direct type)-10~200℃(angular type,type of hose ,tube type)

Working fluid :silicone oil .glycerol solution (food industry-specific)

Material Selection

Secondly,we should know diaphragm pressure gauge how to work.

Diaphragm pressure gauge isolator by the diaphragm ,the connecting pipe pressure port and universal instrument of three parts,and in its cavity filled with fluid in accordance with the appropriate requirements of the measured medium.

I think it`s must be clearly to learn depend on below picture.

When the pressure P measured medium on dry diaphragm ,so that deformation ,compressed working fluid filling inside,making the formation of a working solution with P considerable pressure P,the working fluid by means of conduction,so that the pressure of the instrument elastic element (spring tube) to produce the corresponding free end of the elastic deformation-displacement,and then mated pressure gauge works show the measured pressure values.

Thirdly ,if you use the pressure gauge in pharmaceutical ,food ,beverage ,dairy ,water treatment and other industries,you`d better choose the Y-M series hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge.

Y-M series hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge with quick and easy assembly and disassembly ,easy to clean ,easy to pollution ,clean and beautiful ,safe and reliable .And meet GMP norms (GM)requirements.

The main technical indicators.

The corrosion resistance of the separator table:

Corrosion resistance of the membrane sheet can be ensured through proper diaphragm flange and gasket materials selection and measurement of media contacts section.

Diaphragm Material :316,316L

Flange Material :316,316L

Ring Material :silicone rubber,PTFE

Sealing liquid selection:


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