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Stainless steel pressure gauges

  • Y-63BF-P


  • Dial=60mm(2.5inch)
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Installation method:Radial
  • Feature:rubber boot
  • Product description: 1.Suitable for the environment where copper will react, it has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. 2.There is a rubber protective cover outside the instrument to effectively protec

The main technical indicators:

1.Ambient temperature:-25~70℃(liquid-filled enclosure)-40~70℃(not liquid-filled enclosure)

2.Temperature effects:not more than 0.4%/10%(temperature deviation from 20±5℃)

3.Anti-vibration environment:VH4level(housing filling) VH3 level(not liquid-filled enclosure)

4.Housing protection grade:IP64


6.Weight:0.2kg(Y-60B-F) 0.6kg(Y-100B-F)1.0kg(Y-150B-F)

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