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Oil filled pressure gauge

  • YN150ZT


  • Processing customized Yes
  • type Shock-resistant pressure gauge
  • Measuring range 0-100(MPa)
  • The environment temperature 100(℃)
  • Product description: Vibration-resistant pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, mining, hydraulic and other industrial fields.

YN Series Aseismatic Pressure Gauge is widely applied in Petrol,Mine,Hydraulic industries.With delicate appearance and good performance/price ratio,this kind of gauge can stand severe vibration and medium pressure pulse effect from the working environment.It does also have high—class Precision Grade and good performance of an ti-fatigue.


Parameter details

1、Permissible Working Environment:

5~55℃(Filled with Glycerol)

-25~55℃(Filled with Silicon oil)

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